June 30, July 1st & 2nd - 2014 - Orlando, Florida, USA

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The Pan American International Yo-Yo Contest

After a lot of work, from a lot of people, the PAI yo-yo contest is now confirmed. It will be one of the three events that seed into the finals at the World Yo-Yo Contest, wich this year will be held in Prague. The contest will seed winners from every national yo-yo contest in North and South America. In addition to the Seeded freestyles that seed into the WYYC, this year we will also have a non-seeded freestyle division the will only be one minute freestyles (We're open to naming suggestions here.) This is intended for players that are not at the top level to let them compete, and to let them have the exprience of a contest of this size.

We are happy to have the staff that has supported past Orlando events back, and the staff list will grow soon as we finalize staff positions. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.


Director 2014 Pan American Yo-Yo Contest

New Two Man Division

Dr. Lucky Mesienheimer has put up a $500 cash prize to create a new two man division. This is specifically for two person yo-yoing, with the goal of developing a style where the players interact more with each other, as well as the audience. Rules for this will be up soon. 

My country does not have a national contest, how do I get to compete in the WYYC?

If your country does not have a National Yo-Yo Contest, you can still skip the Wild Card round at the World Yo-Yo Contest if you do well at PAI. 

Here is the relivant section of the rules from the IYYF. It does not list it yet, but API is a recognized MNC by the IYYF. Their information will be updated shortly.

Through Multi-National Contests

The winners of Multi-National Contest (MNC) Championship Divisions (1A to 5A Divisions) will have a seed spot to the World Contest Final. Also the Top 10 of each Division who are from countries that do not have a National Contest approved by IYYF will have a right to compete in the World Contest Preliminary Round. The current MNC’s are Asia-Pacific (AP) and EYYC (European) Championships. In the case that you compete legally in two MNC’s which feed their seed spots to the same World Contest, you will have a chance to acquire a seed spot only in the first MNC. You can still compete in other MNC’s, but you will not receive a seed for winning the second MNC.

Training Judges wanted

Have you wanted to judge? Do you need more exprience. We will be using the PAI as a place to gain more exprience in top level yo-yo judging. We will start people out by shadow judging. More exprienced judges can help judge the non-seeded divisions, and of course top level judges are always needed for the seeded divisions. If you have interest in this, please contact us or our head judges through this site.

National organization membership needed to compete

This year the PAI contest will be vesting players to compte based on their status with their national yo-yo organizaiton. Some countries have no requirements, other require registration on membership. If your country (such as the USA does with the National Yo-Yo League) requires membership you will need to be a member to compete in the PAI contest. If you do not live in the USA, you do not need to be a member of the NYYL to compete, but your country may have its own requirements.